A one-of-a-kind collection consisting of a huge number of unique items. A single item never repeats itself. The main material is silver. Ideas are drawn from nature, shapes, forms, structure of the construction of the material. Thanks to the fact that the materials are extremely diverse and ultimately developed by hand. All works are called UNIQUES.

Weight: 18.06g

Width: 3.75 cm

Length: 5.02 cm

925 sterling silver

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We offer you 100% handmade jewelry. Each item is unique and unrepeatable – no one else in the world will have an identical piece of jewelry. Secondly, thanks to the fact that it is created in small series, we are sure that our jewelry will be unique. Thirdly, handmade jewelry is a way to support local craftsmen who create beautiful products out of passion. And finally, by wearing such jewelry, you care about the environment, because it is not mass-produced.
Do not wait any longer and order today and give yourself a chance to feel the uniqueness and magic of wearing a truly unique product.


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